Sunday, May 10, 2009

day after demeng - michael demeng - what a relief class

i spent yesterday at bear canyon school of art and craft with my dear friend libbi - in michael demeng's "what a relief class" ... my man was so cute when i told him libbi was going to give it a try... he really enjoys michaels work - by far he thinks it's the coolest stuff i've done ... but was wondering if my rug hooking friend knew what i was getting her into. she loved it... and i just love her for always be up for something new...
i still have some highlight... touches... i want to make but overall i am happy with my outcome. everyone was lovin the little leather bag i purchased from denise...go here to her etsy site... keep checking i'm sure she'll get more... and the little birdcage charm i purchased from judy... go here to her etsy site

class is in... so many different techniques... this is my second class with michael... and it really takes me more than one class for everything to usughh... the demeng alumni know what i'm talking about... find yourself in a demeng class someday... your outcomes will travel to all the areas of your artwork

layers and layers... planned happenings and unsuspected surprises... great class

good day.... happy m day


Judy said...

Well you simply have great taste in more ways than one. First I love your piece - great depth of colours.
Also that purse from Denise, i was eyeing for so long - glad you got it, looks like it belongs there.
Ciao xo

Leslie said...

So beautiful Keli! As Judy said, you simply do have great taste. I'm glad your friend enjoyed the class too.

And was wondering how to spell 'usughh.'

I have a sweet little purse from Denise's shop too. It's pinned to my corkboard, waiting its assignment.


Dede Warren said...

Why don't we all live closer, so that we can enjoy all this goodness together? I'd love to take my son to Michael's class locally this summer, but I'm not sure he's as adventurous as your girlfriend.

miss you so much,

Seth said...

What an exceptional piece. Must have been one incredible class.

alexcastroferreira said...

that's awesome. i'll take a class with him. maybe next artfest...