Saturday, May 16, 2009

saturday morning finds

good morning... a sweet little treasure pile... all from one sale... "oh my, you really want those (books) they are just falling apart"... i smile...."perfect condition for me"! I found my first book cover with marbled paper... and she told me " i can't believe we didn't just through that away"... i said it must have been waiting for me and she was very interested in hearing about what we all do with this "stuff".

there were lots of music books and sheet music, so i asked if her parents had been music teachers - they were not - but her mother was a organ player and her father played the accordion. she said one of the grandsons had been given his accordion... i had noticed a beautiful old accordion book out in the box where i found the marbled paper book cover... so i went and got it and brought it to her... "he should have this too."

i think after taking the class with judy i just want to see the connecting points... stay together... the book with the accordion... somehow has more of a story than the accordion on it's own.

it was a good morning... what did you find today?


Denise said...

Love your goodies! I know you will create beauty with those treasures!

Looking forward to Spokane.

Leslie said...

Oh boy! You did score there, didn't you?

I'm glad you sent the accordion book back to the grandson.