Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lanch Day - Area Unknown - Bryce Hansen - A new Web Comic!


It's Launch Day!  
Congratulations Bryce!
A new page posts each Tuesday

Share this post to your blog or facebook page and be entered to win a signed copy of the this first page.... with an added original doodle added to the page! Just leave a comment here or on my facebook page.... it's the "MOM Marketing" plan!
We will draw a name next Tuesday - so post away!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014



a little art tossed in here and there
 trips to the park with Corbin
 wedding plans
 back to the park
 1st Birthdays
 flowers that come back
 learning new things
 big events
 casting shadows in the sun
 back to the park
 again and again
 bridal shower bliss
 new house guests at the cabin - moved Grandma & Grandpa McKinley to Georgetown
 A beautiful September Day.... Tyler and Lauren got Married

 toss in a vintage show
 little more art
 new park
 pumpkin love
 a couple fun online classes

 Bryce and Carissa bought their first house - so we had a little party of course!
 Giving Thanks
 On a Friday afternoon .... Bryce and Carissa got married
 Christmas.... "I'm thinking I was a very good boy this year" - Corbin
 Christmas Breakfast in his new digs

Bringing in the New Year with a focus on Healing - Grandma Lenore fell and broke her hip on Christmas Eve.... on the mend going into the new year.

Pretty Big Year

Both kids got married
Bryce and Carissa bought their first house
Corbin had his first Birthday
Grandma Lenore and Grandpa Terry moved to the Cabin
Tyler, Lauren and Corbin moved back to Missoula
Sprinkled with some extended family medical stuff and a few online art classes....

New Years Eve.... we're all still standing... well Grandma Lenore is standing with the help of physical therapy.... but all in all... standing.

One post.... check

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

When Dreams Turn Into Plans



We are headed across the pond!  Something we have wanted to do for sometime!  We will be visiting the man's homeland - Denmark and while we are in the area - Norway and Sweden.  And research shows.... I am going to be in full on overload of artistic inspiration!  Design Design Design!!!!


Travel planning used to be calling your "triple A" guy and getting a trip tick or flip something like that.  Today... the sweet wonderful internet!  Google street maps allow you to trek down here or there
to take a peek into an area you might be considering.  Folks who have wandered in these spots
before, post travel logs, blog posts and feedback tid bits on various travel sites.
Here is a peek at what I found...
This next one happens to be about the street our apartment is on...
Check out the timely publication of this sweet little book of must see shops!
Planning... it may very well be my favorite part!  Well, I'll let you know after the trip.  Probably will not rank top of the list.... but it is on the list.  I love the research and discovery.  If I have some ground work done... I'm a little more prepared to "go with the flow" as things come.

Travel Book
Dispatch From LA - a wonderful blog by Mary Ann Moss
Wonderful posts on her art and her travels.  She also offers online classes.
I took much of what I used in this book from her "Ticket to Venice" class.
She also traveled to Norway just about a year ago... she stayed in Bergen and thanks
to her posts.... so will we!
If you are in or have traveled to these parts... send your - not to be missed - list!
I'll be excited to come back here and have new things to share!
It's nice when dreams turn into plans....

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Little Man

Corbin Richard Clark
May 1, 2013
8lbs 5oz - 20 inches
all adorable!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Made Fair This Sunday in Missoula.... BIG SALE!

If you're going to have a sale.... do it big! 
50% OFF!
Jewelry -  Originals - Prints - Journals
Come by my booth - Rusty Truck Design at
 The Made Fair Sunday June 30TH.
10AM - 5PM
Caras Park in Missoula
downtown by the river under the
big white tent
you'll find the BIG SALE!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Prairie Sisters Bound!

 I am so excited to get a spot at
The Prairie Sisters Party!
This Saturday May 4TH
from 10-4
I will have lots of fun jewelry and
old cases full of vintage bits....
I cleaned out the watchmakers cupboard....
and oh... my ... all kinds of goodness to be had!
So come on out to the Missoula County Fair Grounds this Saturday!
See You There!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Step Right Up! - Baby Shower Fun!

A Circus of Fun!
Planning a party is always fun... planning a shower for your first grandbaby... a blast!

A Circus theme brings with it all kinds of fun inspiration!
Color - Pattern - Animals - Bits of this and that...
What did we do before Pinterest?
Resources and Ideas at a "pin"!
Love it!
Candy and Cupcake Bar

Banners & Trays on upside down glittery planters - a great find
post holidays!  Once you have a theme... the little bits
just appear! 

Here she is... my little girl about to be a Mama! 
She has been one of my best teachers... this is one lucky little one!

The shower was held at A Carousel for Missoula
Missoula's very own hand carved (by locals) wooden Carousel.
It is a beautiful venue and the perfect backdrop for a baby shower!
Photo Booth Fun!


The Food Crew
Dad to be Tyler - Uncle Bryce - Good Friend Andy

Grandpa to be Toby & Auntie Annie did an amazing job on the food...
Yep... those are huckleberry scones and they were amazing!

Thank you to all the Family & Friends who joined us for this celebration!

Cousin Ali... guessing a date for the little man's arrival

The guest book above is a fun way to have everyone sign in!
You can find them here... on etsy.
A candy bar needs candy jars... these were so fun to make!

 Team Shower...  a crafty bunch....
We used all those kindergarten skills...
cut & paste...
 match a triangle to a triangle...
All to see this smile.... All day long!


Tyler had as much fun as Lauren!
It was heartwarming to have such support surround them
in welcoming this sweet boy!
Handmade gifts that will be a treasure for a lifetime.
Sweet toys... that may be played with before he arrives!


Welcome Baby Clark!

We'll be right here... waiting for you to arrive!