Friday, April 11, 2008

on my way

that is & ready...for fresh and new ideas, new ways of seeing, being. my sweet daughter gave me a squeeze goodbye and told me to have fun meeting new friends..."cause i know you will mom". she chuckles at how i seem to meet folks, a street fair or just out...i don't know why i just do. i love the line in the song..."live your life with arms wide open"...i try... so i am on my way to art and soul in asilomar this week and hampton in a couple weeks...with arms, mind and soul...wide open! ready, like the page in my studio, to soak up some inspiration! the blank page is before me and the ending is unwritten...i really do like that song!

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kelly rae said...

you are going to have a special time. i just know it. i can tell this new space of yours will be filled with honesty, open heart, and wide smiles and intention. it will be wonderful to see it all unfold for you!