Thursday, September 4, 2008

here's lookin at you

we looked at each other for some time... he seemed to be asking me... "what are you doing?" and i seemed to answer with... "good question?" he would turn his head as if to give me a little alone time to figure it out... but then would stare back... still waiting for a better answer. he even took a flight as if to say... "like this, move"... came back to the same branch and looked to me for confirmation that i got the message... i get it... it's just the path on which to move has not presented itself... so for now i will continue to wander... until in appears. i appreciate the saying... "all who wander are not lost" - cannot recall right now who should get credit for it - but it's good, yes?

i am disappointed to say our "gathering" at Swan Lake is not going to happen. i had such a nice time visiting with folks that were thinking about coming... or were coming and then had things come up... in the end... it just didn't work out... so we will see... Stephanie was so gracious and kind. take a class from her if the opportunity presents itself... she is dear.

here's lookin at you ... hoping your on your path... or are wandering towards it


Anonymous said...

Tolkein... Thats where the quote comes from. Sorry to hear about your gathering, I can imagine how bummed you must feel putting all the work and not having it come to fruition. And yes, I live wandering too.

Leslie said...

Too bad about the retreat, but if you try it again next year, let me know. Montana in the fall with Stephanie and you sounds wonderful!

Be seeing you soon!