Sunday, August 16, 2009

a girl journaling

try it you'll like it....

this is a page in my first art journal. a few posts back i sent out a call for folks to join me in the "soul journaling prompts" from sarah whitmire. this is a page from my book. i love to doodle. i had forgotten how much i love to doodle.

a girl needs... to doodle
a girl needs... time
a girl needs... sight
a girl needs... vision
a girl needs... truth
a girl needs... trust

well this list could go on and on... what might you add to the list?
apparently this girl needs "dot, dot, dots" to express herself!

and i guess i also needed art journaling... and didn't even know it til now.


Musings of a Sea Witch said...

How lovely. These pages are full of explosive color and passion. You are very creative. Sea Witch

Denise said...

Your journal is coming along nicely. I haven't done a thing to mine since, well, since you were here. :( Melissa and I need to get together for an art day so I can catch up.

Leslie said...

I love your art journal pages Ms. Keli. I really need to get back to mine! Summer is going to be over.