Monday, November 16, 2009

Journalfest - a day with Stephanie Lee

pictured is my mothers grandparents, her mother (little girl standing next to her dad sitting). the sweet metal pce was gifted by my table mate kecia...
delicious chain from gilding the lily
If you asked me... "what do you think of Stephanie Lee"... i would only pause to consider where to begin. The gift she gave freely... without knowing it was received on a birthday... and then when the news traveled to her that is was the girls day of celebration... how she gathered her family to "sing their family birthday song" to this girl who happened upon her table at vendor night. this is not my story, but the emotion still stirs in me to this day as a remember the girl telling her story to us... how completely touched by this kind gesture... all of us who stood witness to that evening she told us her story... will never forget how Stephanie connected with this girl and in turn connected with us all.

- So yes, take a class or three with Stephanie... the lessons you will learn and the gifts you will receive will go beyond great design, technique and skill... but trust you will get all those as well.

I loved these books from the moment i saw the first one she listed on etsy... yeah I couldn't resist... it's now part of my "Stephanie Collection"
- This class is why I signed up for Journalfest -

they feel so good in your hands... you know what i mean... yummy

bits from my gatherings in new york adorn the covers

hope you can make you way to Journalfest 2010... and spend a day with Stephanie Lee

so now I've traveled home... and have begun an online class with Misty Mawn (another wonderful story... that is mine to tell... i'll save for another post)... nice transition don't you think?... Stephanie and Misty... forrest gump would say "they go together like peas and carrots" .... yes they do...
this is my first "background" ... I'll be back with more
hope you're enjoying fall and spending a little time each day doing something
that makes you happy


Jenny Dover said...

Wow Keli! Your background is beautiful. I had bought Misty's book before Journalfest, but I haven't tried anything in it yet. I am taking an online writing class with Stephanie Lee right now or I would try to jump in with Misty's. Can't wait to see what's next. Now that I see the pictures of the journal you made in Stephanie's class I remember how sweet I thought it was. I am definitely going to have to take that class sometime!

Jessica Herman Goodson said...

Your book is just lovely. I think I saw it in person at JournalFest, but it's hard to remember. I agree, Stephanie is such a giving teacher, I can't wait to take more classes with her. And as it turns out, I am taking Misty's class too, what a coincidence! Aren't you having the best time with it, I know I am.

Leslie said...

I am in love with this little book and your story.

Minxy said...

Oh i am so drooling at the journal, its just amazing, and that background is pretty special too :)
hugs minxy