Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cheers! 25 Years Today!

December 21, 1985.... 25 Years ago today... I married my high school sweetheart. It was a crisp and frosty first day of Winter... much like this year.
Sweet friends flew through all kinds of weather to join us.
this has never gotten old...

Cheers to us!
Love You, Toby!


Jenny said...

Congratulations Keli! What a beautiful bride and handsome groom. Not many couples get to celebrate a quarter of a century together anymore! Steven and I are high school sweethearts too and will celebrate 20 years in March. Congratulations again!

Jill said...


Dede Warren said...

Congrats on 25 years... to the football hero and his cheerleader! May you have a wonderful Christmas and many more happy years together!

Kelly Cates said...

One of my favorite stories of my life, flying to your wedding on my 21st birthday and getting stuck in the only dry airport in the US at the time.
It was a magical time, you two are a lovely couple, always have been. Feel honored to have been part of that beginning :)
Love to you all.

Roberta said...

Keli, I am a few weeks late...but Happy Anniversary! 25 years is certainly something to celebrate :-) Guess what? We are only two months behind you, in celebrating our 25th...it's great to know that someone else married their best friend too, and it stuck! :-)