Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Plaster Swatch Book - Preparing for India Flint Class!

List of supplies.... "a bag full of fabric pieces" a "notebook".

I have been slow at finishing my studies in the Plaster Workshop Online class with Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise... so in my preparation for the upcoming India Flint Workshop... I decided I could make my "notebook" and cross two "to do's" off my class assignment list!

The book was so much fun to make... I'll be making more of these for sure! When I get back from class I'll post pictures of the inside... pages inside with swatches attached, fibre content

listed... ( thanks to sweet Mary at Selvedge Studio ) I have room to track our dying

process ... room to doodle... room to add "after" swatches.

this stack would be my "bag full"... well ok... maybe two bags full. I will be sharing with Leslie so see... it's a reasonable stack. All these were gathered at Selvedge Studio or are vintage finds.

So if you are "preparing" and need to gather a "bag full"

give these girls a call!

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