Monday, March 26, 2012

Discovering a Friend - A Visit with Cheryl Ashmore

Cheryl Ashmore "married to Dan's Dad"... really nice lady, have "known" her for years....
No... I did not "know" her... but now I do.
She came into Talc and we shared our different art interests... I had no idea she created
altered books and dolls and more! That she has kept a journal... from age 14! The journal above
had the sketches she had worked out to create the dolls in first pictures. I had asked her to bring
in "some of what you do".... she called me and said "I think it would work better if you came to my studio". So... I did.
Three plus hours of eye candy! Cheryl has created an amazing body of work. Many different
mediums and the wealth of knowledge she has is stunning.
The stories that go along with her work... is art in itself. So connected to the work she creates.
The wealth of expression... really did span from A - Z.... these are her zentangles!
I discovered a friend this day... someone that has been in my life for years... and I feel like
I just met her on this day!
As you might imagine... I am hopeful she will be a visiting instructor at talc...

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Jenny said...

I would love to take a zentangle class from Cheryl...hers look amazing! My daughter Ali would love the Archie Bray foundation, she is in love with ceramic arts. Maybe we need an extended field trip to Montana!