Friday, June 29, 2012

On Display - Made Fair & ETSY... on the way!

 Last Sunday I spent a beautiful Missoula day along the Clark Fork River... at the Made Fair.  The weather really could not have been nicer - it was a beautiful day.  After a long winter and very wet spring I was so ready to be "out" and apparently I wasn't the only one thinking that way!

 Thank you to all the sweet faces who came for a visit. 
Thank you for taking an interest it what we do and supporting our work with your dollars!
I mean really, look at this sweet face.... and the two little ones hanging out! Adorable!
a winter of painting and taking classes and playing in new bright & wonky colors
I arrived with some "cute" faces of my own.

Big thanks for the encouragement from Mindy Lacefield and my classmates in "Paint your Story"
If you are ready for a little "summer camp" play... Mindy has a new class starting July 15TH
I'll be there in class... so if you decide to join in let me know!

I had paintings, prints, stickers, magnets, art dolls, journals & jewelry

you girls rock putting this show on... you really do!

 Below is my sweet booth neighbor... look at her little monsters and such! Ah... I went home with a
pocket lint little gremlin...
 These two silly crazy great girls.... Cori Dantini and Tina Halvorson of Tailfeathers
 The response just filled me up with goodness... the elephant "bigger than the moon" was a favorite and I love thinking of all the nursery's it headed home to.
I've always said to my sweet girl, "love you bigger than the moon".  This happens to be her favorite painting and without even knowing the story it seemed to speak to folks too.

SO... next stop for the my little gypsy circus caravan.... ETSY!!!
I'm thinking an opening on
Independence Day would be perfect for me!
 July 4TH it is!

Happy Faces Everywhere.... indeed!

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Mo'a said...

I am just it legal to have this much fun.
I will be checking in on your shop on the of luck.