Friday, September 14, 2012

Summer.... like a marathon!

 We kicked off the summer cheering on my Daughter Lauren and my Sister Stacey in the
Missoula Half Marathon!  It's an amazing accomplishment and is thrilling to watch.
they marked each mile with a "beers to go" mark
and we did our best to fulfill that goal as well!
Summertime with visits from my Niece and Nephews has
become a yearly tradition!  They indulge me with a little "art" play!
 Some more willing than others! Ha!
a little pause at the cabin

 And then then girls came!
The band got back together.... and oh boy did we play!
Last time Dede and Leslie came to Montana we spent most of  our time
up at the cabin... this time around we let talc play host to all our fun. 
 Miss Dede creating a horsefeathers of her own! 
 Sharing secrets and having a good ole time!
We are never short on laughs and pyramids..... hum wonder what that means? Ha!
 Over the week we seemed to have no end to what we should give a go to next!  We fired up the
torch and explored encaustic, dug out my soldering iron, dusted it off and
dressed up some thrift store finds. 
 Plastered a pony and book covers....
Painted canvases, rusted paper... well rusted a lot of paper... got a little hooked on that!
 Watched in awe at Leslie creating her special book..... special indeed!

 layers of memories.... these girls are a treasure to me
 Leslie enjoying her last day beside Holland Lake....
 It was "the best vacation"
Dede said it several times... and it was
"the best vacation"

Annie's Bridal Shower
 From hosting my girls... to my girl hosting a party for her girl....
A string of memories.
Lauren has always loved to throw a party!
This party sparkled with the fanciful dreams
of a childhood spent together.
 Two girls who grew up.... into sweet ladies... who still know how to have fun!

 Lauren called on her "Papi" to whip up good eats
 and it all came together a few weeks later with a kiss....
So there it is... Summer 2012... a bit of a marathon, some parts a blur...
but all in all..... beautiful


Dede Warren said...

Oh Keli, I'm so glad I was a part of your summer! It was the best vacation, and you were the best hostess! I can't wait until you girls are here with me in the spring!

Until then Go Griz!!!!!


Jenny said...

Looks like you had a fantastic summer! I swear one of these days I'm just gonna show up on your doorstep of Talc for a visit! Hope all is well with you!

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Keli, if I may ask, how do you "rust" paper. That sounds so interesting!

Keli McKinley Hansen said...

We used watercolor paper and sprayed vinegar, tea, coffee over rusty bis. Layered paper...more rusty bits... More liquid....more paper....layering maybe 4 sheets high . Set out side. We left some over night and others for just a few hours. Just make sure as you layer your rusty bits are a similar thickness so everything has good contact with the paper. Have fun!

Keli McKinley Hansen said...

Jenny... That would be a great day! Come on over anytime!