Tuesday, May 13, 2008

art and soul - hampton - doors open

my plan was to finally sit down and tell you about art and soul in hampton...so i start out with a door i came upon in williamsburg...and i feel this pull to dig into my thoughts on inner doors and hallways and the little rooms i keep for myself...within myself...and how this new art journey has me turning in directions i never expected...granted i'm still seeing closed doors...a little like a big old house where entire sections...unused...just became closed off. that's what i seem to be finding. but it's there...it's in me...i just need to give it some light.
need a cute apron...sure you do...hop on over to this gal...cute blog and adorable finds...ok...back to art and soul...i had just returned home from three days with one teacher...and now i was on my way to three teachers within the same number of days + a few...so i knew i was going to have to take it up a notch...stay focused....la la la....well...i still need to spend a little less time chit chatting and bit more time...working. i cannot believe what folks accomplish in class. and i really want to go home with some finished projects too!
day one i spent with wonderful table mates in sally jean alexander -soldering for virgins. i had great intentions of practicing before i went to this class - my honey had given me all the stuff for christmas....we'll it made it out of the box just in time to be packed into my suitcase. so a soldering virgin i was....well no more...i had a great time in this class...great instruction...sally and "mr. sally" are so helpful and they do great demo's. she draws a big crowd and a full class, but she really knows how to divide the group and teach to everyone.

i was thrilled with the results...i was able to use artwork from my class with misty in the charms. i have several pieces just waiting for more supplies to arrive...then i'll finish it up...i'll post my big hurrah...when it's done.

i'm so glad i discovered art and soul. i cannot imagine how i would have begun this journey without you, without this wonderful new community i am getting to know and be a part of. i have met amazing folks with inspiring talent and gracious and open hearts. it feels like we will travel along together...making new discovery's - sharing - and opening new doors with joy and wonder.

more art and soul hampton to come...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelli! I am so glad to hear that you had such a great time in hampton. I love hearing about your creative journey--enjoy the road you are on!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Hi Keli,
My name is Michelle May and my friend Beth and I had the pleasure of your company for breakfast at Art and Soul. It was so nice to meet you and to hear about your artwork and your family. I plan to follow your blog and keep in touch.

Isn't it amazing how art can bring people together? It's so darn cool!My blog is www.theraspberryrabbits.blogspot.com

Hugs to you,