Sunday, May 18, 2008

art and soul - hampton - what a catch

the wild world of trades ... i first learned of this tradition when i signed up for the art and soul yahoo group... all these things to take part in ... charm trade ... fat book ... and just trades in general. so i'm a give it a try type of girl ... granted i was headed to art and soul to learn how to make a charm and i had no idea what a fat book was ... i gave it a go anyway ... oh what fun ... and oh my what talent.

most of the charms you see came from the charm swap ... i was thrilled to receive some in trade ... i think they had 28 artist participate ... i strung them about a wire basket so i can see them all.

a wonderful assortment of techniques and items ... i received charms, atc's, books, ribbons and ledgers and more...oh my!

i cast my net into this sea of art ... what a catch

i tried my hand at pmc...the item with the byzantine chain and the little bee are from day one. this class was taught by sherri haab and scott david plumlee. i'll be honest ... this class was on day 3 of my trip ... and i'm just not at my best on day 3 .... i looked at that bit of clay and really could not visualize what i could make with it .... but once i got over myself i was on my way. in some classes it seems i have to remind myself that the item i'm working on is a class study... it isn't as though i'll never get to try this again get on with it ... experience it ... and i did. you can go here to try your hand at the byzantine chain. i also learned that i really like to have the same teacher for multiple days in a row... and i was able to add a second class with sherri... once again - a great group at your table makes for a great class. go here to meet dede & leslie ... we had a such a good time and it just got better when frankie turned her chair around and joined us.

what a catch is right...all you learn...all you experience...but most of all the folks you meet and get to know...and look forward to seeing again...that is the best catch of all.

i hope to...i hope the same for you

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Kelly said...

I'm always impressed at the amazing work people do at Art and Soul. I think I'd be so nervous...all those talented people around me doing amazing things.

I came across your blog randomly and it's really lovely. I was lucky enough to work with Sherri Haab when she came to my work to film her DVD (my day life is an editor :) She's so talented (and hardworking) and makes it all look so easy! (I have all the tools for I just have to find the guts to use them! Sometimes starting is the hardest part.)