Thursday, May 29, 2008

art and soul - hampton - a hurrah

i wish i had a recording of mr. h's reaction when i emerged from my studio...all proud & excited that i had a...hurrah...from my bits created in sally jean alexanders class.
"wow...that' didn't see you putting all of it in one piece...huh..."'s funny now...and in a way i get what he means...but ugh

with soldering...the more you do the better it goes. the box below was one of the first ones i tried...and it shows...i just wanted to gather it all together in a class study...
i have only seen a couple of the large necklaces sally does...
now i have one of my own...of my own.


Leslie said...

It's a beautiful hurrah, Keli! I am so impressed! And, is that a labradorite I see in your hurrah? My very favorite.

Dede Warren said...

Keli, I just love what you did, and can't believe how your soldering improved. It looks GreAt! I too love the look with all the bits and pieces FabuLouSo!

Sandra L. said...

Hey Keli--It's me, Sandra from Pa.! The one who kept talking about the Frank Zappa "Montana" song. Hope you are doing well. I really enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you again next year!

Great necklace! Maybe someday I'll be ready for one of Sally Jean's classes too...I hope!

ChandraT said...

Hi Keli! Awesome necklace girl! Soldering is totally addicive! I posted some pics of what i've been doing on my blog just last night...check it out!