Sunday, June 15, 2008

show and tell sunday - flea market finds

thanks to heidi for hosting
standing along the fence waiting for the gate to open ....

and i spot this wonderful collage know how you have a chat with yourself that you will go only $this high for 45 mins i debated with myself what "this" was going to be .

..there were many things to ooh and ahh over while we waited.

it hangs year round just as i found it ...its a christmas message from a grandmother to her family. the gal who purchased the wonderful house that had the sale told me she had found it in the attic when they remodeled the house. i can't imagine leaving it behind.
"so I hope that as you sit round the open fire your mother will have time to help you read this letter"
i consider it my best find ever! now i'm off to see your treasures!


Dede Warren said...

This is amazing Keli, I hope I see IRL soon! What a great gift to make for a family, I'm with you... how it ever got left behind is a shame.

Nancy said...

A shame to be left behind but I'm sure it's in good safe hands who appreciates it. Wow a message from the past from one crafter to another. Thanks for sharing. Nancy

Splashes of Pink and Mint said...

Owwww... this collage is sóóó sweet!!!! Lovely find!