Wednesday, June 18, 2008

farm chick finds

this new art journey has sent my eye in new colors...things that shine & twinkle

it feels girlie...and it tickles me that i am drawn to it

ribbons and bits...letters in print and in form

great the farm chick show ...and we didn't arrive until sunday was a last minute trip - love when that happens. i appreciate a good display - merchandising degree - and the vendors at this show do a wonderful job - artfully done and inspiring.

the search is on for this and that to use in my fall art and soul classes ...the gathering is so fun. the yummy bracelet was made by stephanie lee, i can't get enough of her work & i can't spill the beans yet...but hope to have some news to share soon... doesn't that make you nuts...tell me now is how i always feel....real soon i promise. i guess so...


kecia deveney said...

great finds, looks like a great time! come on, email me the secret, i won't tell! your welcome to show up any time to go junking. i have a nice camper in the backyard where we can stay!

Dede Warren said...

Your such a tease!!

Anonymous said...

Love your treasures! So glad you were able to make it to the Farm Chicks show.


Leslie said...

I even love the name of that show -- the Farm Chicks Show. Looks like you found some wonderful things. I need to start gathering. Or at least organize the stuff I've been gathering for some time.

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

adorable pics! great finds!! xoxo Britt :-)