Saturday, December 20, 2008

rusty truck designs...a new hurrah!

the made fair and zacc spectacular was last sunday... -11 degrees outside...each artist carted in our wares... between shivers and set up we pondered who would brave the cold to
come out and see our gatherings... well... missoula is just that kind of place where folks will brave most anything to support their local peeps... and support us they did... we had sweet thoughtful visitors all day... thank you neighbors for supporting this hip little event... i had a grand time!

i really enjoyed working on my "stuff"... i soldered... painted... wrapped wire... a bit of a tribute to my year of art & soul... it was fun to tell folks to take a class with nina to learn this... misty for this... stephanie for these... and sally jean for this technique.... i put together my "merchandising"... tags, signs, display and really... that is the fun part for me... pulling together the package... so much so that i am hoping to lend a hand to my table mate and her candle company... so that will be good.ta i am... rusty truck designs... the name... well on the application is asked for the business name... so i had to come up with something... and over the last few years... rusty trucks have been appearing in pictures i have taken... and i thought oh then i can find some old metal toy trucks... cute display... well old rusty toy trucks not so easy to find... a trip to the montana antique mall and a collective "seek and find" with the sweet gals that work there and i found the two in this picture... i won a sweet
old blue tonka on ebay... so now i have 3... the perfect collection.

these are the folders i made to package the necklaces. denise had housed her portland art & soul charm swap in a similar design and i just loved it... p.s. she has a great new etsy site... go peek.

so hip hip hurrah!

now i'm off to finish up my christmas gatherings... we have days and days
no need to rush... right...


Dede Warren said...


Your space looks fabulous, just like you! And Rusty Trucks... loving that name! I'm glad your first show was a success, long may that last. I'm not surprised your found friends in your table mates, how could they not be drawn to your generous spirit? I love the books you made sitting in those rusty old trucks. Each one looks like a little treasure to behold. Thanks for sharing the pics, and good news.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas. I off to whip up a full size quilt for my son in the next day or two. Though it's not -11, for us it's been quite burry!!

Take care sweet girl, Dede

Laurel said...

Hi Keli,
Love the displays, the new name, the creations as well! So when are YOU opening an etsy store? Hmmmmm? Certain people (me!) might be interested in purchasing!
Happy Christmas to you and yours!

Stephanie Lee said...

HI girlie!! What a WONDERFUL display you created!! I love all the textures and colors. You have a flair for merchandising! :)

Everything I can see in the pictures that you created is beautiful! You are one talented lady and I'm honored that you have joined me in class.

Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Keli, love that: Rusty Trucks! Your displays is wonderful and your work is to die for. You are so creative and I am sure you were wildly successful at this cool show.

Happy Holidays! Wishing you joy and peace this season and all through the New Year!


PS: Thanks so much for the etsy love! :)

Judy said...

It all looks amazing. So talented.

Anonymous said...


I was lucky enough to find your blog....Love the name "Rusty Truck Designs that you have chosen for your business. It was wonderful to meet you at Art & Soul...and I hope we can meet again some day.

Have a fabulous Christmas with your loved ones.

Bonnie Moench

farmgirlbella said...

I wish I could have made it to the're wares are fantabulous. I absolutely love the name.....Rusty Trucks. Sounds so you!!!

Now get busy and start listing those beauties on Etsy...hahaha
I'm no better.

Lonnie Jenck

Leslie said...

Miss Kelli!

Your Rusty Trucks display is so wonderful! I have zoomed in to see all that I can. Was also longing for a Rusty Trucks Etsy site in case there were leftovers.

You go girl!

Love that I met you this year. I count you among the very best things that came my way.


~Melissa Merrill~ said...

That is such a fun looking display. I love the name you came up with. I've been having fun coming up with my merchandising, as well. It's great to hear people braved the Cold weather. There was an artisan fair, here in Portland, that was scheduled when the snow hit, that weekend before Christmas. The fair was cancelled due to the weather. We don't get much snow/bad weather usually in winter time. I think it hit everyone by surprise.