Sunday, March 1, 2009

it's a treat

a little peek at what i've been up to... a new book arrives on my doorstep every couple weeks from a new artist... two pages waiting for me...
i've found i just have to sit with it for days before i know where to go with my addition. to work in amongst the vision of another artist... you want it to fit and still speak your name... you hope they will open each new page with a sigh and a smile... we trust each other's vision to compliment our own and how cool is that?

we all have so many things on that "to do list"... the things that pull us in all the directions that we need to go... well i'm not so sure we always need to "go there" we just find ourselves in those obligations... it's refreshing to find yourself in a place of choice... doing something because in centers you, puts you at ease and is so enjoyable... i am not going to add this to any list... i'm just going to choose to place myself here as often as i can.

sweet connie... always up for trying something new asked if i would show her and a friend how to solder... i have a feeling there will be a missoula convoy to portland for art and soul next fall...
stacy took right to it... she is my "jump ring princess"... i think i teach better than i "do".. -hum odd... we had a great time, a little wine, a little flux... yes connie flux is your friend... good laughs and friendship.... girls hanging out together... it is creative bliss... spending time with artful folks.

first charm... ever... bravo girls bravo... it was a treat that time together!


Lisa B. said...

Wow - talk about serindipity - deja vu' - karma - whatever you want to call it. I know you have no idea what I am talking about! And you have no idea who I am ... anyhoo ..... I live over the hill in Salmon, ID - was just in Missoula over the weekend with a good friend - had a super time at the Rhino, a wonderful breakfast at the Catalyst and spend hours on Saturday wandering downtown - loved it! I am desperate for a tutor in soldering - none to be found in Salmon at the moment -- would you be interested in helping? It is not a problem for me to pop over - by the way I am Lisa - my email is bonnerparty4 -- I just happened to stumble upon your blog this morning .... it means something I know it!

dede warren said...

Look at you go Sistah!! You're such a rock star girlfriend, teaching, doing, making and living your art. No wonder I call you friend.

Miss you! Dede

PS If you're headed to Portland let me know. Perhaps I'll meet you.

mendytexas said...

Love your blog and work! Can't wait to see the finished books!!
:) Mendy

Leslie said...

I can vouch for your teaching skills, sweet Keli, but I would never doubt your 'doing' skills. I have in my hands the latest book. I love, love, love what you've done in each of them, and I feel so lucky to be right after you, because I get to see all of your beautiful work!