Wednesday, October 28, 2009

girls about town

that was us... leslie, dede and i. we spent a couple days in Manhattan during our trip to leslie's house... filling our bags with treasures. but most of all i treasure the time we spent together... talking, supporting, encouraging... simply "getting" each other.
days spent creating in the "house of leslie" - let me tell you - a complete dream
every supply imaginable and endless inspiration...

we shared with each other our passions... i am proud to say
miss dede is a hooker (rug hooking) now.... and a very good one!

the lady of the studio watched over us...
i can't wait to host these girls in my neck of the woods
and once again we will be
girls about town

next stop....Portland Maine and Dover New Hampshire...and my finds!


Sea Witch said...

Wonderful photos of you and the gals. What fun you are having. Can't wait to see more. There is nothing like NYC!!! Sea Witch

Leslie said...

Oh Ms Keli! What fun we had, and it was over way too soon. I loved every single minute of it, except that you weren't feeling well toward the end. We will do it again and again and again!

And I spy Atticus keeping watch from the studio in that third photo!


Dede Warren said...

I love this post Keli! It was fun wasn't it?! Until we can make it to Montana, I'm glad we have the spring in Seattle to look forward to. I am loving my rug hooking, and already have the book I made at Leslie's filled with all our photos!

Hope your continued ventures were fabulous, I can't wait to hear about them here.

be well!