Thursday, October 29, 2009

Makings of an amazing trip

pages and papers and book covers... stitches and twine.... leather, metal, rhinestones...a little usuahg...sp? shells and bottles and solder and stone. leslie was a great guide through book making and it was perfect timing as i needed "journals" to bring with me to journalfest. the large journal above is huge and i just loved working in it later in my travels... another post. we copied to our best... the wonderful work of Karen Cole... a dear friend of Leslie's... and amazing artist on our covers... it was so fun to use some of the treasures we had found in NYC!
dede showed me how to soldered treasures onto bottles... ok with a little help of E6000 on my part. i'm certain i have written somewhere here on my blog... that creative bliss is spending time with artful folks... it is... for me the best of times... creating together and treasure hunting! oh my did i find some amazing things. now the following pictures are a mix of my Philadelphia, NYC, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine finds... yeah the girl covered a little territory this trip!

ledger books - marbled pages and covers - music sheets - and letters of lives long past
silver stamp case - silver pencil case - and a yummy wood spencerian metal pen nip case!!! yummy!
and all these little ancestors... the sign said "buy an ancestor" so i did

wonderful metal findings and a great box for all my pens

and my wonderful "porch" find... worked great as a shipping box... i can't resist old paint and such a great blue - it just had to come home with me - agree?

oh and the ribbon to tie it all up with... tinsel trading in nyc... trading ooh's and ahh's with the costume designer for the NYC Opera was a bit of a kick as well...

so where next? north... we will head north... see you soon.
if you can... gather up your art friends and meet up somewhere... and soak up all you can!
it's hard to express what a difference these two ladies have made in my life... truly.
the makings of an amazing trip can to lead to the makings of an amazing life.


kecia deveney said...

love all the supplies, books, papers, pens, suitcases, bottles - all of it!

Caterina Giglio said...

just found your blog thru Leslie's and am appreciating all of your new treasures. love all your new ancestors!

gina armfield said...

this box rocks! I want one! It was great to see you in all of my classes ;) Hope to see you soon - are you going to Artfest? I am teaching two classes there and taking one.

Leslie said...

Keli, I have been missing you since you left earlier this month. I had such a good time with you and Dede! Perhaps we should make a tri-annual event of visiting each other in our home environments.

Yes. Let's.