Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Love, a fall in New England

Do you have someone out there... somewhere... that you just lost touch with. For no reason... no excuse... just didn't make the proper effort to stay connected? Well give yourself a gift and see if you can find them... connect, reminisce... remember. When my trip plans started falling into place I knew this was my chance to reconnect with a friend - Barb. Would her email still work... would i find her? Would she care that I'd been absent for ages? Barb met my news with the same big smile in her voice as had always greeted me at her door. Full of enthusiasm for our reunion. It was as though i had just stepped off her porch... it was wonderful!
The color is ... it just is

Part of my journey was witnessing the beautiful - thoughtful - and completely personal exchange of life promises between my nephew Walsh and his sweet bride Kim

a blushing bride she was... wearing the dress Walsh made her... yeah i was a puddle the entire ceremony...

and at moments... so were they

special words... thoughts... hopes and dreams - shared with such care

well the hands do say it all...
bliss... young and happy and so in love
it was an honor to witness such trust and genuine devotion
Walsh & Kim
you're beautiful

the day following we headed to the shore... right in the middle of a "nor Easter"sp?

Barb was bummed the weather wasn't better so we could get out more. Glenn, her sweet husband stopped for every photo op - every great antique store (!!!) and yummy fish & chips. I loved the day of weather... the light is different and to experience it just added to my trip...

can you see the little light in the window... so sweet

and it goes without saying... you gotta have lobster... and ours were made fresh at home...
thanks Barb & Glenn... the best I ever had!

a perfect New England steeple... yes?

so this was a fabric mill... it was massive... i think of all the hands that worked a thread here.

If you and i traveled much together... you would find me dragging you into these... yes... cemetery's.... i love them. For whatever reason when I was young and traveling with my parents - a cemetery was always in the mix when we visited a new place... why, i have no idea... but it caught on with me.

this family

to live to be over a 100... in these times.

to weather all these years

swirls and glimmer

so much to explore... Barb... I'll be back!

Love, a fall in New England... love it!

so now we go WEST... to Port Townsend, Washington... and Journalfest!


Sea Witch said...

Much best wishes to the bride and groom. I just spent 10 days in New England and had a marvelous time. Lovely countryside, so much history and great food. Adored my time there. Stop by my blog and leave a comment to enter into my 100th Post Giveaway. Hard to believe it has been that many posts. Sea Witch

Dede Warren said...

What beautiful photos Keli! I can see what you're smitten with with New England in the fall.

Jenny Dover said...

Ah Keli, your posts are so inspiring. Thanks for your kind words about your Journalfest roomies! Maybe we can do it again down the road. I wish I could ride in your pocket on all these wonderful trips! Jenny