Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tricks & Treats

I'm taking a little break in my travel log to share the pages of my book from the halloween round robin. Dede gathered together a great group of artists to participate... we each constructed our book and then sent them on their way... two pages upon which amazing talents would be shared and gifted... months and months these books traveled from my mountains to the east, south, west . Once back in Dede's hands she chaperoned them to Somerset... were they found a home in the "Studio" Sep/Oct addition... It was a thrill to be asked... scary and intimidating at times to work in the treasure of others...

but what a treat to have the original work of such talent.

each book had it's own theme... mine... without much planning... became a book of games... halloween tricks and the art that came back.... treats!

my front and back cover included a punch game with fortunes or tasks on the front and
a punchneedle rattle i had made years ago worked out great on the back. the edge is soldered and that little project was not a treat... at all.

my pages extend with a little banner so that each artist could leave a signature...

below is the sign in page... little coffins... they all climbed in without protest.

now i'll turn each page and show you the work of these amazing women...

these pages are by Leslie Marsh... I first met Leslie through her blog and if you have not treated yourself to a visit ... go now... it's tops. I was lucky to overhear her talking in line (yeah to the bar) at art & soul in Hampton. Being the shy girl I am, I went right over and introduced myself... as "the fan" because I am. She happened to be sitting with Dede at a table and they invited me over and that is the beginning of what I know will be a life long friendship with both of these sweet girls. Leslie's work is so her own.... layers of wonder... what is around the corner for such talent is only to unfold... and i'll be there cheering her on... as i am "the fan"!

EB... a visit to her blog is a walk through the pages of her life... amazing - changing - playing. my first memory of EB... well was of her fantastic stack of little suitcases - also at art & soul hampton... and as i think about it now... i'm sure her stack inspired my need to create a stack of my own! She lives a life of art and it shows in the work she produces. I look forward to our paths crossing again someday... the witches broom in the box is yummy!

my book then left the north east and traveled south to texas... for a visit with Mendy. Mendy is the only gal in this project I haven't met face to face... but i'm hopeful we'll meet up one day. Mendy has great pictures of when she was young and shared them in her artwork along with playful bits that i just love in my book... and the sweet soldered domino she added to her banner.

then onto LA... to my dear friend Dede who put this entire project together... who was reassuring to those of use who had never done anything like this before... who gives praise and encouragement freely. If ever i feel like i'm slipping... even a little... dede lets me know i'm doin ok... she's like the guard on the edge of the road... keeps you on track and doesn't let you go over the edge and will tell it as she sees it... and i love that about her.
I was able to see her page in my book in the magazine...before i got to see it in my hands. The picture was wonderful... but i couldn't wait to see it. I love all the elements she used... it's good.

this is the last page i did in my book... and thanks to dede's installation it made it in there... it was what i wanted to do in the beginning but ran out of time. i had a little stitched page... but knew this little theater was what i really wanted in the book. I made it from a photograph of an art pce my daughter Lauren had done in school years before... i layered the pictures and added some elements... i liked that it came out as i hoped it would... because that doesn't always happen

the size of this book is an element all it's own
I want to thank all these women... leslie, eb, mendy and dede - for trusting my hand in your books and for gifting me with the art from your hand. this book will live in my family for generations and you are now a part of my history and i love that.
it's a big grand book
it's a treasure... full of tricks and treats
happy halloween


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness -- HOW COOL! I really dig the sign in coffins -- awesome idea -- AWESOME!

Caterina Giglio said...

a gorgeous book and you said it so well...trusting your hand in their book...that is truly what a round robin is about!

Leslie said...

Beautiful Keli! I love seeing how it turned out with everyone's work in it. I love it all, and was so glad to work in your gorgeous book!

Your fan . . .