Tuesday, January 12, 2010

art case... to go

I've been wanting to figure out my "art case". You know the grab and go... has just what you might need regardless of the activity... ugh... i need a three pce set to fit in what i think might be necessary! But that is silly. I go on these art treks loaded down like I'm going to recreate Rome... it's nuts. So... in my prep for my next adventure ( gathering at Dede's in LA... insert squeel!) I'm working on my "case".

I think it would be fun to compare the "must have lists" .... what's in your case?

Packed in mine...

hand dyed floss
"good" scissors and pins
wire... two sizes
hammer and block
wire cutters, round nose, bent nose and flat pliers
little tool kit
markers - pens - and Stabilo pencils
4 paint brushes & watercolors
adirondack inkers - pesto and mushroom
walnut ink
metal sheers
pencil sharpener
box of assorted beads and pearls... a little chain thrown in
tin of metal stampings and bits
tin of ribbons and fabric bits

So what have i missed?
Yeah I'm an "art case" alright!

Here's to a New Year... lets "make" it into something wonderful!


Sea Witch said...

Ooooooh, I love your art case to go. What treasure you have inside. Sea Witch

Jenny Dover said...

Oh Keli, I am so jealous of your upcoming trip! I wish you could pack me along in your art case to go! Hope you are having an artful and art full New Year.

Dede Warren said...

I'm so glad you're packing!! Bring the special embellishments... (I have the rest)! Actually we can get the good stuff out at the flea market!! woo hoo!!!!