Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Will Wonders Ever Cease

just back from artfest and i've been unpacking and uploading pictures... so excited to show you what i've been up to... and when i get to my blog i realize i never posted about my last adventure to Dede's house. Truly... will wonders ever cease?
Leslie and I being Northern girls thought a trip to "Sunny Southern California" in January would be a perfect way to get through winter. Sunny it wasn't - but perfect it was! Flea markets - yummy tacos - and Gilding the Lily!

JoAnnA joined us on Monday, and Sweet Nancy of Gilding The Lily opened up for us for a private shopping extravaganza... Dede books the classes there... so we had an "in"!

we came together to share art... we painted, soldered, bound books, made bezels, poured resin ... and played with wax... we told stories, laughed and ate great food.
how lucky am i to have found such great girls...
will wonders ever cease...
ok... NOW... i can talk artfest


Dede Warren said...

LoVe your photos Keli!!! You capture all the goodness so perfectly!

Leslie and I were just talking about another summertime trip where hopefully the weather will cooperate this time!!


Leslie said...

Yummy photos! What a great trip that was. I miss you!


Erica@ZunkyChic said...

It looks like you had a fabulous time! Your photos are Beautiful!