Wednesday, April 28, 2010

artfest - it's in the book

I really enjoy visiting blogs where folks post pages of their art journals, like this one and here. I hope someday to establish a rhythm that simply needs a page to capture thoughts... currently I'm letting most of it float away... but new days are coming and there will be new themes - thoughts - beginnings I will want to make a mark for - to be remembered.

I'm enjoying working in a book I created with the guidance of this fine friend... who will be teaching book making at this fine friends studio... can you go? Give yourself a treat and spend the day with Leslie... and then you can come back and tell me all about it.

For now I'm documenting my art travels - the cover was from an old postcard book - so it works. These pages mark my time at artfest... my travel, travel companions, my gatherings and my art and the art of classmates.

On this page I cut out a frame that was on one of the welcome packet pages and inserted mica to create a window to the back pages... I like have things to peer through, lift and such.

oh geeze... here they are... Leslie on the left and Kecia in the middle... and i believe Pam - on the right will also be attending the class... so you'll get to meet them all. Really that little introduction wasn't planned ... but nice when it just happens.

So I believe that's a wrap on artfest... it's now in "the book"


Dede Warren said...

Woo Hoo Keli, your book looks GrEAt!!! You really did a nice job, and I love the little window!

Not only is our sweet Miss Leslie teaching at Kecia's, she's coming back to OC and teaching at Nancy's in June! hmm... perhaps a quick trip is needed!! Let me know if you can make it, she's teaching June 26. I'm not sure when Leslie's flying in yet, but you know you're always welcome to join us!! Just a little something, something to think about!

Jenny Dover said...

Keli I am so loving that you are posting to your blog again. The things you have been creating are sooo beautiful! I wish we could meet up again somewhere someday. You were such an inspiration at Journalfest last year! Sister is doing great and is in the DC area now. Keep posting, I love the window into your world!

Leslie said...

Well, how did I miss this anyway?
Stunning, Keli. Stunning!
I'm getting so excited about getting together with you lovely ladies next month!