Thursday, April 22, 2010

a little more... artfest

Susan Lenart-Kazmer
Hollow Forms in Color... I loved this class... packed full of techniques and use of Susan's massive collection of tools... I came home with a big wish list of tools to add to my studio. I really enjoyed the shaping the metal with a hammer. There were wonderful pieces that came out of this class.
My next day was spent with Patricia Seggebruch - Trish - the author of this amazing book
Encaustic Workshop. Throughout the day she would give demo's on this and that technique. She had centralized tables set up with the wax - so we each would go back and forth from our work spaces - I really liked this as you got to see the work of different students in the process...

layers mixed with a surprise here and there. I love the texture, the depth and the warmth of encaustic...

image transfers onto wax - some of the best results I have ever had in transferring an image. the center image on the piece above and the team of horses on the piece below are both image transfers.

layering - revealing - discovering

many of the gals in this class had taken multiple classes with Trish before... and their work was a great endorsement to studying with Trish... I'm hoping to do just that... and a little closer to stay posted.

My last day at artfest... day 3. I have purchased plaster pieces that Stephanie Lee has made - but this was first time playing with plaster. I went into class with the horse in mind. However that didn't translate to having enough base material to create what was in my head... luckily my sweet table mate Denise helped me out there as did Stephanie. And like my kind classmate said at the end of class "honestly he is my favorite ... because really for awhile there I wasn't sure what it was going to be" .... I know exactly what she meant. Everyone headed to lunch and I stayed in... stuck with it... and i just adore him.
Stephanie has a new book coming out in 2011 with Judy Wise... oh to have an artstudy with these two... hum... maybe I should work on that too?




I scooped up along the way
A girl returns home from artfest.... simply wanting

a little more....


Unknown said...

Beautiful work, Miss. Your portrait at the bottom of your post is gorgeous! Hope you're well. :)

Paula Phillips said...

Wonderful eye candy here! Thanks for sharing.
Much Love

Leslie said...

You amaze me. The work you turn out is so great. I am glad we were able to share this experience.
Oh, and the treasures. What are those things with the hint of blue after the tin type album and before the spoons? Did I see those?


gina armfield said...

the work you did was lovely. You really have a great eye!

jennifer lorton said...

Hi, I'm one of the "here,here,and here" people. I put a picture of Horsefeathers on my blog. I do love him, and I'm so happy that I now know your name. Boy, I really, really wish I'd been in that class. Great job! Seeing your pictures from Journalfest I realized that I sat at your table in Stephanie Lee's class at Journalfest. Hopefully, I'll be seeing you again.