Thursday, September 9, 2010

Three Girls.. Three Hometowns... Three Trips...

Three girls - from three time zones - found one another at an art retreat a couple years ago. As the months have passed we have taken classes together... we have shared in each others "halloween" books...last fall we traveled to Leslie's house in Pennsylvania and last winter we headed to "sunny" California to hang out with Dede... and tomorrow I get to play host... in Montana! I cannot wait to share with them this place I call home. I've gathered a little "welcome" pack to give them a taste of whats to come while they are here... the art work of Courtney Blazon... copies of old post cards of Georgetown Lake... old book cover... because we always make a book. My favorite bead shop - Bathing Beauties - just gave me $5 coupons to give them - because folks are just like that here... My head is just a buzz with all the fun places I want to take them...all the art supplies that will get a workout after a summer sitting dormant.
I know we will go from dawn to dusk...
and it will be the most restful - wonderful time I've had all summer.
I'll be back to tell you all about it.
Hometown visits... Trip 3


Jill said...

Oh my if that doesn't sound like a delightful time!!

Jenny said...

I am just aching with jealousy! I was hoping to see some of your Homesteader's metal creations, but I see now what you've been doing with your time! Have a sublime time and drink a glass of wine (or two) for me!

Leslie said...

I am aching for your studio and the cabin and that twin bed and your company!

What a wonderful week!

Thank you so much Keli!