Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Light up a Winter Day

The resolution... to light candles everyday.
When you live in the North... Winter days are short, cold and often grey.
...side note... I'm fond of grey lately... so that also helps
I've always enjoyed the glow of candle light, the nice scent it adds to a room. I've just been lazy about lighting them... well this year I'm resolved to enjoy a little candle light everyday.
I found this sweet gathering of "light" and wanted to pass along the goodness.
A FREE download calendar of the sweetest watercolors.
available here...
such a generous gift of art!
I also suggest you strike a match and give yourself
a little light on this Winter Day.


Leslie said...

What a great idea Keli! I'm lighting and downloading right now!


Shortbread Cookie Recipes said...

Thankss for writing this