Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sun always comes out before I leave...

file folders by amy butler and thomas paul

Yes... sun shining here in Missoula. And trust me... it does not go unnoticed here as our winters tend to be many varied shades of grey. But I'm headed to California tomorrow, (so of course the sun comes out today) help my Sister... Organize! Truly one of my favorite things to do... love it. The sorting, purging, prioritizing.... then the development of a "system"... oh yeah there is a system for everyone! Then the goods... because to me... if you have to look and handle this stuff everyday... it's got to look good!

binders and file boxes available at target - the file boxes are only $9.99 and have hanging files in them

I think every system needs the little files above.... divided monthly... I put every receipt in there and check stubs (for business checks). I have one for each business... so easy to go back and find what you need.

The timing of this trip will allow a side excursion to the Alameda flea market... which I could just about flip over! I've heard stories... and simply cannot wait. My sister, knowing my high shopping endurance... has invited along a friend... so they can take breaks while I go about my hunt! So if you want to come meet me I could use a shopping partner! Any takers? Dede?

Some other projects have been occupying my attention... and making me tardy to Misty's Class Stretching Within. Other are on to paint and collage... and I'm still playing with pencils.

Hopefully the Sun will come out tomorrow... here and there...


Jill said...

I've heard of the Alameda Flea Market too. I hope you find wonderful treasures! Organizing is not my strong suit. My oldest daughters though seem to have that down pat so help me on occasion. No idea where that talent came from.

heidi haugen: days with clay said...

i'll be at alameda....coming from west glacier (montana). i've been several times...for me, it's always tough because i'm flying and can't buy too much. have a great time.

Leslie said...

Oh, you do lead such a blessed life!


Karen Cole said...

Hi Keli,

So nice to see you visiting. I blog so infrequently lately, it's nice to see anyone coming by.

Yes, textiles seem to be having a surge, for sure.

Love the drawing you are doing. Your proportions on the faces are great. I have been drawing for my entire life. I think you are doing a great job. My motto is "less is much more" in a drawing. Sometimes just a gesture line is all you need.