Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stretching Within - Misty Mawn - Face Study

Drawing the face... yikes. I am trying to carve out time to soak up all that Misty is offering in her online class Stretching Within. It is a large group and the work being posted on the flicker group site could take hours to properly appreciate. I have seen what committing to a drawing a day will do for ones skill set... ah I would like to shoot for that... someday soon
My first attempt was the image below. I am lucky to have three in house art critics... who are honest and give great advice. Bryce had lots of points for me to consider. So I made a copy of the face and he drew over top... the image above... bone structure... so that I could see where I was off. Eyes... Jaw... a little tweak here and there and she began to look a little more "of this world".

Back to the drawing board I go.

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Leslie said...

I think she looks pretty darn good, but it's nice to have those who push you a little beyond.