Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wrap Up!

Tis the season... to think back over this year. I met some wonderful people this year. I didn't take enough pictures... and there in lies my new years resolution... capture more moments.
Moa... and her sweet creations

India Flint... a cowboy poet at heart

Leslie... keeper of so many lights

Kim... sassy, supportive, giving girl!

Jane... a smile that warms a room

Pam... seriously always up for fun... always!

kecia... she believes we all can do "it" whatever that "it" is...

Coach Hansen.... my girl Lauren
The biggest change this year was Lauren moving to ND!

She is the High School Head Girls Varsity Hockey Coach.

So... here come the holidays. We will have lots of company this year.

So perhaps I'll get a jump start on the resolution!

Merry Christmas!

ps.... the wreath and the bottle light display are from kecia's house... mind you I was there

in September! Gotta love that!

1 comment:

Mo'a said...

So nice to see your friends and how happy I am that I am included...thank you.
I hope that I will see you in the new year.
Hint: I am inviting myself :)
I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays. xoxo