Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Artfest - it was more than a gift... it was magic!

"oh, hi"
a gift of magic... given to me the first night we were at artfest
kecia told me "this is your magic necklace" and that there was
a story... Jesse Reno's story... that you can't buy a magic necklace you have to be given one.
She believed it.. and so do I
Because it's true... magic was everywhere this artfest.
artfest with an iphone leads to... well a mix of filters and bits...
yummy new tapes and pens

I had great intentions of "working" in my journal while I was there... yeah
that didn't happen...
"oh, hi"... again

these are the plaster bowls I made in Stephanie Lee's Class....

The journal book I made in Misty Mawn's class... I had some stickers of my
art made for trades... things I had done in her online class... they
worked great in my little book
my first class with Jesse Reno... this is how things looked early in the day

this was "follow the leader" a new class for him, and if you did so...
you ended up here... well this is where I ended up

the last thing to "appear" were the feathers around her head...
they tend to show up at artfest.... hello horsefeathers... glad you could join us.
I'm thinking it would make a really cool stamp
Yeah... he is a great teacher... I would like to find myself with hands in paint in his class again.
The classes were fantastic... two of my all time favorite's Stephanie and Misty
and Jesse, who's class I had always wanted to try.
uh huh

we took in the beach party... kecia is cookin us up some grub

my two travel partners... man we had a good time!

mr. michael has left the 406 to be with his new bride... so it was nice
to see him and wish him well. I got to meet Lana - fun & talented soul!
kecia getting them all together!

I love making art and I love the art of others!

This is my new gallery... within Talc Gallery...

I don't know that I can adequately string together words to describe the exchange of
appreciation (if that is even the right word) between us. Both students in Misty's online
class, I was captured by this painting Francesca had created of her Mother. We spoke about the piece at Artfest... shared how a work of art can move through you... and back again.
The emotion and gratitude this painting holds to me is just breathtaking.
The same purposeful hands and giving soul that could create such presence on a page
gifted me this painting
and my Irish eyes were smiling... and weeping...
and I was once again captured.


Pam Kirshenbaum

Pam Kirshenbaum must have told me six times what her class was about on the last day...
I will never forget... as she sent me home with the piece she did in class!
It's an acrylic panel that they worked on from the back... so layering backwards!


Shadow and highlights... Lyn could write the book on it! Lyn was also in Misty's online class
and traveled "across the pond" to artfest! When she asked if I would like to trade one of
my necklaces for one of her paintings... oh my word...

I feel so lucky to give this painting a home. When she posted a picture of
it before artfest... my fingers were crossed that it might be possible.


This is a print of an amazing painting Misty did as one of her lessons in
her online class (you can still sign up for this class!)... Open Studio.
It will always be a special reminder of the beauty that has come from that class.


an amazing young artist... who's name I will post as soon as I can find her card!
who could resist that face.... oh hi
I've just signed up for her online class..Paint Your Story
it looks to be so much fun... not to late to join in the...


more gifts... I'm hoping to sit for a quiet spell tomorrow and
open and explore these sweet packages.

Pam & kecia
Thanks for letting me hop on your party wagon!
It was an amazing trip... it was more than a gift... it was magic!


Pamela Holderman said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful time. Your pieces and those that came home with you just make my heart skip a beat - gorgeous. I don't think we ever met as I got sick and left on Friday - dang...Trying to get over the loss still. But seeing all your stash of art helped. Stephanie's bowls just make me grin ear to ear...

lulu moonwood murakami said...

Keli, your post about the magic of artfest is in itself quite magical! You take gorgeous pictures of your gorgeous art and write with just the right winsome touch. What a great group of classes you took! I am in LOVE with your Jesse project!

Francesca Di Leo said...

indeed it was magic. raw, pure and simple magic. love you girl.


Shelly said...

Oh my goodness, what a great post! Really captured the magic of the trip... and you made all four of those bowls in Stephanie's class! Holy moly! Awesome. And your Jesse Reno class art left me with my jaw dropped. Seriously in love with it.

carlanda brown williamson said...

what a great post! it was pure magic indeed! let's make it happen again. i really want to spend more time with you!!! xoxox

sperlygirl said...

keli, what a wonderful post. made me feel like i was there (well, almost....would have loved to have been there). what a magical experience. oh, and the classes you took - sound great. didn't know open studio was still open, may just look into signing up. happy spring.

Leslie said...

Magic follows you, my dear! Wish I had been there with you.


Roben-Marie said...

I am so thrilled to have discovered your blog! Your work is stunning! :)

Unknown said...

Love this post! Now I really wish I could have been there with all of you sisters. You are a wonderful artist Keli! I love the piece you made in Jesse Reno's class.