Thursday, May 3, 2012

Prairie Sisters Party... like old home week!

was this past weekend

I must say they did a wonderful job sprucing up the
commercial buildings at the fairgrounds!
And look at the crowds... Missoula is so good about
supporting.... any good thing... love this town!

Paper Wonderfuls

Created by the sweet team at Mulberry Lane

They are up for teaching at Talc! Yay!

Pinwheels by Vintiquities of Somers

Gypsy's WAGON
how cute is this?  I waited for the owner to return so that
I could get permission to take pictures... she said "of course"
and then said "I used to work for you like 20 years ago"... she DID!
And look at all this cuteness she has created!
About this same time I am having a conversation with a friend and
we are talking about how many times she has moved... and how
few times I have moved.  I said to her "my gypsy head rises and I want to go"
but alas... I've lived in the same house for 25ish years... She said to me
"I think that's what all your different businesses have been about"
It's brilliant and true!
I'm thinking I might need one of these Gypsy's WAGONS!

String ART!! Loved it so much a big heart came home with me!
Created by the great folks at Candy Design Studio!
Annemarie Kanenwisher, owner of Candy Design Studio... many
moons ago... created wonderful items I sold in a previous "gypsy soul business" of mine.

Prairie Sisters... it was like "old home week" for me.
Great to see folks I haven't seen in years. 
Nice to see Missoula come out and support this show!

The next show is September 8TH.

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