Friday, May 4, 2012

Paint your story - by Tim's Sally

 this sweet online class by Mindy Lacefield has kept paint on my hands
over the last few weeks! I'm telling you... a bucket of fun!!!
(I think she has a new journaling class in the works.. check her blog)
 we built "boards" of pinterest... things that caught our eye... and
this exercise surprised me... at what I am drawn to... when my eye wanders
 scribbles and marks
 I had ordered her zine first... and played ahead with the techniques
 background play
 scribbles marks symbols...funny what appears

With all of the online classes I have participated in... there have been
facebook groups... where you post work and get feedback from the
teacher and classmates... it's like having your own cheer squad!
It expands the learning by seeing each interpretation of
the assignment.  I really like the format of online classes.
I just wish everyone could come over and we could work on assignments
together!  That would be bliss...
 practicing faces
 bigger backgrounds on yummy clayboard
 paint - pencil - crayons - pastels - pencil.... and a little more pencil
 finding the symbols that tell your story - the wide open "u" shape seems to be my favorite
and this weekend on pandora.... "unwritten" came on... that explains "u"
 arms wide it! 
I should get back at it..... painting my story
wanna come over and play?


Galia Alena said...

Yes, please, I wanna come and play!!!

These are looking so fabulous, love them.


Lynda said...

Your work looks amazing! I'm loving this course too! Such fun!

Leslie said...

I definitely DO want to come over and play! Looks like such fun!

Francesca Di Leo said...

hey girl... love what you're creating, and yes very interesting and revealing what shows up when you doodle .. xoxo p.s. i'll be right over, keep that light on for me. k?

Keli McKinley Hansen said...

I cannot wait until you show up on my steps!

Keli McKinley Hansen said...


Keli McKinley Hansen said...

I'm counting the days!

Keli McKinley Hansen said...

I would love to get our group together! You are welcome anytime!

Unknown said...

Oh wow...your work is simply amazing. WOW!!!