Tuesday, July 23, 2013

When Dreams Turn Into Plans



We are headed across the pond!  Something we have wanted to do for sometime!  We will be visiting the man's homeland - Denmark and while we are in the area - Norway and Sweden.  And research shows.... I am going to be in full on overload of artistic inspiration!  Design Design Design!!!!


Travel planning used to be calling your "triple A" guy and getting a trip tick or flip something like that.  Today... the sweet wonderful internet!  Google street maps allow you to trek down here or there
to take a peek into an area you might be considering.  Folks who have wandered in these spots
before, post travel logs, blog posts and feedback tid bits on various travel sites.
Here is a peek at what I found...
This next one happens to be about the street our apartment is on...
Check out the timely publication of this sweet little book of must see shops!
Planning... it may very well be my favorite part!  Well, I'll let you know after the trip.  Probably will not rank top of the list.... but it is on the list.  I love the research and discovery.  If I have some ground work done... I'm a little more prepared to "go with the flow" as things come.

Travel Book
Dispatch From LA - a wonderful blog by Mary Ann Moss
Wonderful posts on her art and her travels.  She also offers online classes.
I took much of what I used in this book from her "Ticket to Venice" class.
She also traveled to Norway just about a year ago... she stayed in Bergen and thanks
to her posts.... so will we!
If you are in or have traveled to these parts... send your - not to be missed - list!
I'll be excited to come back here and have new things to share!
It's nice when dreams turn into plans....


Leslie said...

I am so happy for you and can't wait to see Denmark, Norway and Sweden through your eyes! It doesn't surprise me one bit that your dreams turn to plans. You can make anything happen!

Halle said...

Congrats on the trip! Going to Europe is on our bucket list as well. I'm 100% Norwegian...I should really see where my grandparents were from.
Love the book you made!! Is that from the FTB class?

Gayle said...

Hope your trip was good! I think you used to do rug hooking - not any more? Any gals in Montana?