Wednesday, December 31, 2014



a little art tossed in here and there
 trips to the park with Corbin
 wedding plans
 back to the park
 1st Birthdays
 flowers that come back
 learning new things
 big events
 casting shadows in the sun
 back to the park
 again and again
 bridal shower bliss
 new house guests at the cabin - moved Grandma & Grandpa McKinley to Georgetown
 A beautiful September Day.... Tyler and Lauren got Married

 toss in a vintage show
 little more art
 new park
 pumpkin love
 a couple fun online classes

 Bryce and Carissa bought their first house - so we had a little party of course!
 Giving Thanks
 On a Friday afternoon .... Bryce and Carissa got married
 Christmas.... "I'm thinking I was a very good boy this year" - Corbin
 Christmas Breakfast in his new digs

Bringing in the New Year with a focus on Healing - Grandma Lenore fell and broke her hip on Christmas Eve.... on the mend going into the new year.

Pretty Big Year

Both kids got married
Bryce and Carissa bought their first house
Corbin had his first Birthday
Grandma Lenore and Grandpa Terry moved to the Cabin
Tyler, Lauren and Corbin moved back to Missoula
Sprinkled with some extended family medical stuff and a few online art classes....

New Years Eve.... we're all still standing... well Grandma Lenore is standing with the help of physical therapy.... but all in all... standing.

One post.... check

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Leslie said...

Oh my gosh. What a YEAR! Clearly, we need to catch up. Love you!