Saturday, April 17, 2010

artfest - in good company

Ah horsefeathers... so named by Stephanie... and it fits. Sits in good company in my studio at home...with two "Stephanie Lee" works of art. Yeah I like her and her work... and each class I take with her. I learn new things - every time. Will I sign up for more? Oh yeah.

Back to the beginning... I drove to artfest. It is an 8 hour trek for me - so a pit stop here and there are required. Ellensburg, WA. - Dick and Jane's. I cannot imagine a better inhale of art on your way to artfest. If you are ever in the area... GO SEE THIS PLACE! Just ask anyone - they'll tell you how to get there.

I arrived in Seattle early and the sweet gal at the Edgewater Hotel moved me from the city side to the water side... needless to say... I ordered room service and never left the veranda. The next morning I headed out to the airport to pick up my traveling partners Leslie & Kecia. I was in good company!

Am I a coffee snob... yes, I am. Why? Don't ask because I'll explain all of the hints of a great cup and bore you to tears... but... I happily recommend this quaint little spot - right on the water - as a great pour. yummy!

In VERY good company

Leslie, Kecia & Pam

Photo taken with the one cool camera app on my droid... that I was very proud of - till i spent 6 days with 3 iphone owners.... for cryin in a bucket.

We gathered stones, laughs, praise and memories together.

Artfest - Show & Share

on the last night at artfest everyone is invited to display their "hurrahs" from class. Here is my gathering of bits... It is so cool to see the work of so many wonderful folks. It is also a great way to check out classes/teachers you want to add to your wish list for the future. When I get home from a retreat I always google... the retreat name in blogs to see what folks have posted about their time - classes and outcomes... it has been fun to see ole horsefeathers and Kecia's jackalope showing up... here, here, here.... and here. The space these retreats give us to explore - has just been amazing for me. I come home so charged... topped off with ideas and energy... and somehow reassurance that this is a path I should be on... I so glad for the friendships I have made along the way... truly I'm in such good company!

Here's a little peek... of horsefeathers up close...
swing back by... so I can share with you the other bits I made and collected along the way

I'll keep my eye out for ya!
As luck would have it... you can find yourself in the good company of Stephanie Lee - as she will be offering two online classes - I have had wonderful experiences with online classes and I cannot imagine all that this talented girl will put into hers... so go on now and sign up!


Dede Warren said...

I LOVE this post Keli!! You are indeed in good company and making beautiful art along the way! You brought up two things I've been thinking about... coffee and SL classes! I'm determined to take SOME class from Stephanie this year and it may be to An Artful Journey in California with SL in July. And coffee, I need to find a seriously good coffee I can make at home... HeLP!!! Don't laugh, I'm serious! I will send and e-mail so I don't make a fool of myself here... but your' my good to girl for coffee 411.

Love you sweet Kel,

gina armfield said...

Seriously, I would have bought this piece Horsefeathers right out of your hands show and tell night - I adore it! Well done you! Was great to see you!

Unknown said...

Keli, it was so great seeing you at ArtFest. It's always over too soon. Stephanie's class was most fun. I loved your masterpiece! You are an amazing in so many ways!

Janine said...

I would have definitely wrestled Gina for Horsefeathers! A gorgeous piece. Thanks for posting about Stephanie's online classes. I have been trying to get a class with her for ages!

kecia deveney said...

what a great post - i feel like i was just there all over again. thanks for showing the other blogs who had pictures of our "feathers and jack" - that was kind of fun to see!



p.s. "what in a bucket?"

Leslie said...

It is always fun to spend time with you talented lady and good friend. The work you crank out amazes me. Horsefeathers. I love the way you develop your vision and then simply create it. Well, maybe it's not simple, but you make it seem that way. I think it's just an outward example of your resolve.

Now, I'm going over to sign up for Stephanie's classes.


Catherine said...

Hi Keli, So nice to meet the creator of wonderful "Horsefeathers!" Thanks so much for visiting and posting the link to my blog - I'll be updating my blog soon to show the names of the artists I missed in the first post. From the Santos that were created in that class, it looks like it was an amazing experience!
Your other pieces are wonderful as well - looking forward to fully diving into your blog and perusing all of your lovely artwork! (Your trip to Gilding the Lily looks heavenly...)