Friday, June 4, 2010

Dream Big... It's The Farm Chicks Show!

So I just decided... I'm goin... I had really hoped to plan a gathering like we had last year. It was so much fun sharing the experience... the finds and arting in our rooms each night. It's hard to pull it all together some days... so I'll make this trek solo and I'll dream big about the things I want to see happen in the future. I'll remain true to my first "impression" on this blog.
Creative bliss is spending time with artful folks... I'll have 6 hours in the car tomorrow to ponder... It's my goal to create art retreats here in the beautiful mountains of Montana... I'm going to put that "under the glass" during my journey and see what I can do about that.
Dream big - Right - Why not?!

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Jenny said...

I'm coming to your first art retreat! I'll bring the sister too! I've been wanting to do the Farm Chicks Show for a couple of years. It's on my "list". I can't wait to see what you drag home!